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2008 Sunny South Raceway Vintage Modified Rules


Vintage Bodies only consisting of fiberglass roof, hood and grill shell as well as aluminum sides.

Body Styles Offered:

     1934 Ford 3 Window Coupe
     1934 Ford Victoria 2 Door Sedan
     1934 Chevrolet 3 Window Coupe
     1934 Chevrolet 5 Window Coupe


GM Metric car frames only 1978 - 1985.  Front and rear suspension must remain
completely stock metric parts in stock location.  Wheel base 108” as per OEM specifications.
Upper control arm brackets may be stock or after market and may be moved for caster and camber adjustment.

Upper control arms may be after market.  Screw-in or bolt-in ball joints allowed.  Upper and lower control bushing may be after market.  Lower  control arms must mount in stock location to the stock bracket.  Stock bracket may not be moved.  After market lowers are not allowed.  Racing springs are allowed and must be steel.  Steel jack bolts and jack bolt bucket  are allowed on all four corners.


Shock location optional with (1) shock per wheel.  Non-adjustable shock must be steel.  No coil-over shock and no coil-over spring.  No air or remote reservoir shock allowed.  No Schrader valves allowed.

Roll Cages

Main roll cage (halo and four down tubes) must consist of continuous hoops not less than 1 ¾ OD.  And an inner wall thickness of not less than .095 must be welded to frame.  No part of the main cage can extend farther forward than the engine plate.  Must be frame mounted in at least six places securely, supported and cross braced.

Roll cage must consist of a configuration of front and rear loops connected by tubing on the sides or the side of hoops.  Must be securely supported and braced.  No brace bar forward of cage may be higher than stock hood height.  Main cage no further forward than engine plate.

A minimum of three door bars at least 1.5 OD.
Protection of driver feet in mandatory door plate mandatory.


No direct drives allowed.
All cars must have forward and reverse gears and be able to shift to forward or reverse with engine running.

Brinn-Bert type transmissions are allowed.
Clutch type transmissions must be equipped with explosion-proof steel bell housing.

Power Train

Rear of engine (bell housing flange) must be mounted at least 72” forward of the centerline of the rear axle.

Engine must be centered in frame, front and rear.  No offset engines in frame.
Bored block may not exceed .060” overbore.
No stroked or de-stroked engines allowed or 383 Chevy.
     Make:  Cubic Inches
     Chevrolet 350
     Ford 289, 202
     351 Windsor
     Mopar 360
     American Motor 360
     Oldsmobile 350
     Pontiac 350
     Valve size as follows:
     Max. Allowed Exhaust Intake

Any cast iron OEM Ford or Mopar heads with valves no larger than 2.04 Intake and 1.70


Maximum valve size GM 2.02 Intake, 1.6 Exhaust
Vortec head allowed.
Poly-locks, stud girdles are allowed.
Max. cubic inch is 364.  No hood block allowed.  Flat top pistons only.

604 Crate Motor with aluminum head allowed but add 50 pounds of weight that must be mounted in front of the rear motor plate equally distributed from side to side.  This applies to 604 Crate Motors Only!

Camshaft 500 lifts, hydraulic lifters only.
No flat tappets, no rollers, no mushroom or over sized lifter.


Must run Holley 4412-2 barrel 500 CFM or Rochester 2 barrel.
Holley carburetor must be original manufactured except circle track float may be used.  Throttle blades may be drilled, choke flap may be removed.  No after market coating allowed.
50cc pump allowed.

Fuel Pump

Only stock mount push rod activated pumps allowed.


HEI style distributor.  No external coils!  No after market ignition boxes!  No magnetos!  No crank trigger ignitions!  After market module allowed.

The car must be equipped with a kill switch that is located within the car, easily accessible to emergency personnel.

Rear End

Any American production car rear-end is allowed, except corvette rear-end.  Rear-end may be narrowed or widened.  Ford nine inch (9”) rear-ends with floaters are allowed.

Must be all steel except drive plate caps.  Quick-change rear-ends are not allowed.
After market axles, studs, and mini-spools are allowed.
No posi-trac, limited slip style rear-ends allowed.
Rear-end axles must be locked together.
Any gear ratio may be used.

Drive Shaft

Driveshaft must be steel and must be painted white.  Must have a steel driveshaft loop (360 degree) connected to the frame located within 6” of the front drive shaft u-joint.

Fuel and Fuel Cell

One 8 gallon fuel cell maximum must be mounted by at least two steel straps, 2” wide, around fuel cell.
Fuel cell should be enclosed in metal container and protected by roll cage.
Pick up tube or supply not to exit under tank.


All cars must weigh minimum 2300 lbs.
Weight ballast must be securely bolted to the frame.
Ballast must be painted white and have the car number on it.


Brake must be operable and must lock-up three wheels during an inspection.  Shut-off valve is allowed on right front brake.
Front to rear proportioning valves and/or brake bias systems are allowed.

Tire and Wheels

Hoosier G-60 or A-40.     May use beadlock on right rear only.
One foam type or plastic mud cap allowed on right rear only.
8” wheels.


All components must be steel, unaltered OEM, in OEM location, except outer tie rod end and adjustment sleeve may be replaced by minimum .625-inch steel rod end and steel tube.
Spindles can be ground for brake caliper clearance only.
Unaltered OEM replacement pinto spindles with bolt on spindle saver allowed.
Steel steering shaft and knuckles only.  
Steering quickner, steering wheel and quick release may be aluminum.
Cockpit steering may be modified.  Must be kept on left side.
No rack and pinion. 

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