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Rules for the Mini Stock Class (Page 3)

DRIVERS COMPARTMENT: Bolts and/or Rivets should be used to secure vehicle components in place, not Sheet metal screws or Woodscrews. Sharp points and edges should be eliminated where possible. ECM (Engine Control Modules) or other components which are required to remain in the car should be bolted/riveted securely in place, NOT DUCT TAPED.

SUSPENSION: NO modifications will be allowed to the suspension which enable any wheel to have more camber in it than the manufacturer designed that wheel to have. NO elongating of holes. NO manufacturing/machining/changing parts or components to make the tire/wheel have more camber than the OEM designed. No 'Aftermarket' suspension parts allowed.
Altering/changing springs to change ride heights not allowed.

WINDSHIELD: In place of the windshield (which must be removed per SSR rules already) Lexan or Wire must cover the entire windshield area. Wire screen must be approved by SSR Tech.
Additionally, SSR rules state "Must have two (2) windshield bars welded to the Roll Cage made of at least 1/2" tubing." This is a minimum requirement, and more bars may be used if desired. The 2 bars (at a minimum) will be placed as follows- One bar will be in the center of the windshield (in the middle of the car). The second bar should be located in front of the driver.

DOORS: Must be welded to the Frame or Roll Cage.
MIRRORS: One (1) mirror will be allowed in each car.
: Each Mini Stock Driver will be required to wear some type of Head/Neck Restraint any time the Mini Stock is on the Track (Practice, Hot Laps, Heats, or Features). At a minimum- a Neck Brace or Neck Collar will be required.
LUGNUTS AND STUDS: Each wheel must have the designed number of wheel studs on each wheel. Each stud must have a lugnut tightened to the wheel. Missing Wheel Studs or Lugnuts means the car will not be allowed on the Track.
FUEL TANKS: Fuel Tanks will remain as the OEM installed, where the OEM installed. No aftermarket Fuel Cells allowed.
BATTERIES: Vehicle batteries will remain in the OEM mounting location, mounted as the OEM designed. Batteries will be the same size/type as supplied by OEM.

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