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Rules for the Mini Stock Class (Page 2)


1- Engines must be stock and in the original OEM stock location with OEM motor mounts.
2- Fuel Injection or Throttle Bodies are allowed if they are original OEM equipment.
3- No after market parts allowed anywhere on the car.
4- No modifications allowed to the engine, factory stock in all aspects.
5- Stock Ignition system only for year, make, and model. No racing or performance enhancing units allowed.
6- All cars must have a properly working starter.
7- Radiators must be factory stock for the year, make, and model of the car and mounted in the original OEM mounted location with the factory drip bottle or reservoir in place and functioning at all times for overflow protection.
8- Tail pipes must extend past the rear bar of the roll cage. The catalytic converter and muffler may be removed.
9- All four brakes must be in proper working order and cannot be modified in any way.

Transmission & Drive Train:

1- Transmission weather it be automatic or manual must be the factory stock
2- Must be mounted in the original OEM position.
3- Only factory OEM stock replacement clutches allowed. No modifying, and no aftermarket, or high performance clutches allowed.
4- No after market, or high performance parts whatsoever anywhere.
5- Must use the OEM stock shifter.
6- Factory stock OEM drive train only.
7- Differential must remain factory stock and cannot be locked.
8- No racing or performance enhancing springs, shocks, sway bars, bushings, etc.

Tires & Wheels:

1- No racing or performance enhancing wheels allowed.
2- Wheels cannot be modified in any way such as moving wheel centers or having the wheel widened.
3- No wheel spacers allowed.
4- Longer wheel studs will be allowed, and larger lug nuts are recommended.
5- No retreads or recaps allowed.
6- Tires must have a minimum tread depth of 2/32” anywhere on the tire surface.
7- No tire shall have a durometer reading softer than 58 points or that tire will be considered illegal.
8- Each tire must have a minimum air pressure of 25-PSI when going through TECH. following the race.
9- Minimal ground clearance from the ground to the lowest part of the cars frame unibody or any part of the cars body will be 4-1/2”.


1- All cars must have an aluminum-racing seat mounted to the roll cage. No floor mounted seats allowed.
2- All cars must have a safety harness with a minimum strap width of 3” and a submarine strap (or in other words a 5-point harness).
3- All drivers must wear a Snell SA2005 rated or better helmet.
4- All cars must have a Fire Extinguisher (dry chemical only) on board mounted securely and within easy reach of the driver.
5- All cars with an electric fuel pump must have a ON – OFF switch in easy reach of the driver and yet easily reached by a track official or safety worker. Must be on the left hand side of dashboard.
6- Window nets required. The SSR Tech. official must approve the type and mounting.

7- All drivers must wear apparel/shoes approved by SSR Tech Official. Single layer gloves, shoes and Hans required if under age of 16.
***Drivers attire can be checked at anytime for compliance.***

Fuel & Fuel Tank:

1- Gasoline only (not to exceed 110 octane).
2- No Alcohol, or nitrous ($500.00 fine)
3- All cars will have the original fuel tank for that year, make, and model mounted in the original OEM position with the addition of two (2) steel straps (2” X 1/8” or better) attached from frame rail to frame rail. In the case that your car has no frame the straps must be welded to the unibody.


1- No weight transferring devices of any kind such as traction control ($500.00).
2- No racing radios (one way or two way) allowed.
3- The use of hazardous chemicals or heavy metals or materials as defined by the E.P.A. will result in the car being impounded and turned over to the E.P.A. immediately. Car owner and/or driver will be held responsible.
4- No electronic monitoring or computer devices capable of storing, transferring, or transmitting information. Only OEM factory stock gauges or basic aftermarket gauges such as oil pressure, oil temp. Etc. will be allowed.
5- All cars must be professionally painted, neat in appearance and lettered (please refer to SSR General Track Rules #18). Badly damaged cars must be straightened and/or repaired to minimum technical standards. Sunny South Raceway Officials may deny a car from competing if it does not meet the minimum acceptable standards as mentioned above.

6.Racereciever and transponder required.

Sunny South Raceway reserves the right to change specifications procedures and/or modify the Mini Stock rules at any time it sees fit.

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