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Track Racing Rules

1- SSR reserves the right to bar, fine, and/or penalize anyone who violates these rules. Officials of Sunny South Raceway will handle the final interpretation of these rules.

2- No Driver, Car Owner, Mechanic, and/or any other member of the crew, friends, or family shall have any claim for damages, expenses, etc. against Track Owners, Operator, Promoter, or any other participating raceway employee by reason of disqualification, and/or damage to either Driver and/or car and agree that the track is in a safe, and usable condition if they take part in any of the racing activities.

3- All Drivers, Car Owners, Mechanics, and/or any other persons assume full responsibility for any and all injuries sustained, including death and/or property damage, anytime they are on race track premises or in route to or from track.

4- Management reserves the right to inspect any racecar at anytime. Failure to do so will result in disqualification without refund of any paid admission or any other monies spent for that nights event.

5- Race participants are not employees of the track and are considered independent contractors and assume and take all responsibility for all charges, premiums and taxes, if any, payable for any funds they may receive as a result of their participation in any event at the racetrack.

6- Management reserves the right to reject the entry of any car, Driver, and/or individual.

7- When or if any race is called due to inclement weather, and/or any other reason, the event will be handled as follows:

  • Refund Policy: Sunny South Raceway does not give refunds for tickets purchased.  If the event is considered a rain out, then the ticket that you purchased will be good for the designated date of the rain out make-up, which is usually the next race.

8- All racers will register their car one hour before the beginning of the event and draw for starting position. Anyone failing to do so or arriving after this time will still be required to register and start the heat and or feature at the end of the longest line.

9- All cars entering the racetrack must have a Fire Extinguisher with gauge showing a proper charge. It must be securely mounted (using factory supplied mount) to roll cage within reach of the driver inside the car at all times. On board systems permitted. Location of said on board system must be approved by the Tech. Official.

10- All Drivers must be in their proper starting positions located at the Stop & Go and all safety equipment (Belts, helmet, etc.) on and securely fastened before the white flag of the previous race. If not Driver will take up tail end of the longest line.

11- DO NOT PASS THE PACE CAR FOR ANY REASON WHAT SO EVER! All cars must stay in line behind the Pace car at all times. During a yellow flag condition the Pace Car Driver is in constant communication with the Race Director and Clean-up Crew on the track and there may be debris and/or other dangers on the track. By staying behind the Pace Car your risk of harm and/or damage to your car will be greatly decreased and will keep you and your car from hindering the clean up of the track. Failure to do so could cause you and your car to be black fagged to the pit or disqualified.

12- When the race is about to start the Pace Car will turn off its lights at the start/finish line. As the Pace Car rolls under the Flag Stand the Flagman will show the leader (the car on the pole) the One-To-Go sign.

13- The Flagman starts all racing at the white line between turns three and four (nose to tail/side by side). If you accelerate before the flag drops this will be considered a “Jump Start". There will be only two chances to get the start correct. After the second chance, you will be sent to the rear of the field.The race will start when the Flagman waves the green flag. Do not accelerate until the flag is waved. A CAR CAN ADVANCE BEFORE THE FLAGSTAND ON THE OUTSIDE ONLY.

14- The race will be considered to be started and underway when the first car clears the flag stand before a caution flag comes out (or one lap complete). If the caution flag is displayed before the first lap is complete then this will constitute a complete restart (lining all cars back-up in their original starting positions).1 Lap is considered complete when the Leader crosses the Start/Finish Line

15- In the case of a caution flag on the track after the race has begun, all cars will lineup in single file order. The Track Score-Keeper will determines the order of the cars for the restart based on the previous last green flag lap. All cars involved in the caution will go to the end of the line for the restart.

16- Restarts - the Flagman starts all races. Do not pass any other car on a restart until the green flag is dropped or this will be considered a jump start. If you jump the start, you will be given one warning for the first infraction. After the second "jump Start" you will be sent to stop and go for a second warning. After the third time YOU WILL BE PARKED FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE RACE. If a car advances before the flagstand on the inside, we will do a complete restart. A CAR CAN ADVANCE ON THE OUTSIDE.

17- Do not stop on the race track or pull up to the Stop & Go man to ask questions under the caution or the result will be to take up tail end of the longest line, unless your are told to do so by a track official. Cars involved in the reason for the caution (wrecked or in someway damaged) may stop at Stop & Go for check out by the track official during the caution because this car will have to go tail end anyway. The track officials will perform minor sheet metal removal or bending to clear tires. If repairs are more than minor the car will be sent to the pits.

18- No one but the track officials and clean up crew will be allowed on the track unless approved by the track personel.

19- If a car leaves the track before a race is started, during a caution, or red flag condition that car will go to the tail end of the longest line upon re-entering the race.

20- If a car brings out three yellow flags during a race then that car will be black flagged due to delay of race and for the safety of the remaining drivers and cars.

21- When a car/Kart makes contact with another car/kart on the Track or in the Pit Area, and it is determined to be intentional or malicious may result in the following:”

  • 1- During a race under green flag conditions that car will be shown the black flag and be sent to the pit for the remainder of the race, as well as being scored in last place for sake of points.
  • 2- During a race under yellow flag conditions that car will be shown the black flag and be sent to the pit and the remainder of the race, as well as being scored in last place for the sake of points.
  • 3- After the race is concluded that car will be notified that it will NOT be scored at all and will NOT receive any point for that night’s race.

Also any car that receives either one of these penalties will be considered on track probation for the duration of the season.

22- White flag will not be stopped. Caution may be displayed but on the last lap you will race back to the checkered flag. Finishing order will be determined by order you cross the finish line. If the flagman decides the red flag must be displayed due to a dangerous situation on the track, then on the restart the cars will be shown a green & white flag together and on the next circuit will be shown a checkered flag.


23-Any driver leaving or entering the Pit Area in a wreckless manner may be subjected to penalties. Please see #9 in SSR Track Rules.Add (whatever number) All cars/karts will restart at the rear of the field if they are involved in bringing out a ‘Caution Flag’.On Starts and restarts, all cars must maintain position on the Track until after they pass the Start/Finish Line. (No passing on the outside as soon as the Green Flag is shown.)

24- No antifreeze in any racecar competing at SSR! No excpetions!!

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