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Modifed Rules

These rules are the same as Mobile International Speedway

Neck Collars are mandatory.


2500 Minimum 58% Left side max
No titanium products, parts or components allowed anywhere on race car. No gun-drilled, tubular or hollow bolts or studs anywhere on car.


No aluminum blocks! No Dry Sump Systems

1 Carb only, 2 barrel or 4 barrel. Must qualify and race with the same combination.

Aluminum heads must ADD an Extra 50lbs in front of front cross member.

See weight for size limit.

FRAMES Must maintain 4" ground clearance at all times. Factory production complete full 1960 or newer parallel American passenger car frames only. Frames may be cut in rear only at point not further than 36 inches from center of rear end housing. Frames may not be widened or narrowed. Must be full and complete both sides.   

Front steering must be unaltered approved OEM and be in stock location, and must be replaceable by stock parts. Tie rod ends and adjustment sleeve may be replaced by a minimum .625-inch rod end and steel tube. Stock passenger car spindles or fabricated spindles must be steel. Bottom A-frames cannot be altered or moved. Front sway bar must be stock appearing. Steering parts must be steel. Steering box must be steel approved OEM and must remain within original bolt pattern for type of frame used. No rack & pinion allowed. Coil over kits with minimum of 4.5" springs on rear only.
No driver adjustments from cockpit except for brakes.

BRAKE Must be steel, approved OEM APPEARING calipers, and they cannot be lightened .Steel vented rotors only, no scalloped rotors. Rotors cannot be lightened.

BODIES All body rules are at the discretion of tech official.
Must be full size roof. Body sides must be straight front to back with a maximum length of 120" starting from back of engine, maximum width of 66" and body rake of 6 " must be straight front to rear and flat. Asphalt type nosepiece allowed no wider than frame horns. Engine compartment must remain open. Passenger side of body must be no further forward than rear of engine. Right side A posts must be within 3" of right side of car or 50 lbs. penalty. No interior wings, belly pans, double skinned roofs, fins, wings, vanes, vertical ledges, ramps or any other air directing devises are not allowed. Vehicles with complete windshields will be allowed a maximum 5"x60" rear spoiler with all braces mounted on rear of spoiler. Gurney flaps or curls are allowed but will be included in all measurements. Vehicles with no windshield may run 4"x 60" spoiler @ 45 Degrees. 12" maximum length triangular enclosure at the ‘A’ pillar will be allowed. Hubs optional, no wide five. All cars are required to have side nerf bars mounted even with outside of tires.                                                                                                      

 IGNITION $250.00 Ignition box Claimer Rule.                                                           

FUEL Track Racing Fuel only. No performance-enhancing fuel additives of any kind.

TIRES AND WHEELS 8" steel wheels only. Hoosier F53 only. Maximum overall width shall not exceed 82" from outside of tire to outside of tire. Tire treating is not permitted. Any tires detected to be treated, treating equipment; treating liquids, etc. will be cause for the driver, crew chief, and car owner to be asked to leave the speedway property immediately. There will be no refunds nor winnings paid for that event to anyone in violation of this paragraph. No wide-five hubs allowed.                                          

MODIFIED RULE ENFORCEMENT The Chief Tech Inspector shall be authorized to make changes from any specifications contained within these rules as a situation may dictate. Furthermore, the Chief Tech Inspector may impose further restrictions in an attempt to maintain fairness. Under no circumstances may the tech inspector alter any safety rule to less than stipulated. ANY VARIANCE OF THESE RULES BY PARTICIPANTS THAT MAY ULTIMATELY LEAD TO REDUCTION IN SAFETY, OR AN INCREASED RISK, TO ANY PARTICIPANT, WHETHER ENFORCED BY THE CHIEF TECH INSPECTOR OR OTHERWISE, SHALL BE THE EXCLUSIVE RESPONSIBILITY AND LIABILITY OF THE PARTY OF PARTIES RESPONSIBLE FOR THE VARIANCE.


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