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Rules for the Mini Stock Class (Page 2)


1- Bodies must be metal, complete and stock appearing.with minor modifications for racing allowed. SSR Tech has final approval on Body Mods
2- Frame must remain stock and original wheelbase maintained. Uni-body cars must tie frames together.
3- Stock firewall and floor pan must be maintained however removal of the rear floor pan and rear firewall can be removed within four inches of the rear roll cage.
4- The roof “A” and “C” pillars must remain OEM for make and model.
5- Interior may be enclosed with sheet metal.
6- Holes in front and rear light holes must be covered with solid material.
7- Stock grill may be replaced with screen or expanded metal.
8- Aftermarket bumper covers or noses are allowed but cannot extend 43 ½” from the center of the spindle to the furthermost point.

9- Limits on the body modifications are as follows:

  • A- “Roof height” from the ground to the highest point on the roof = min. 46 ½”
  • B- “Window Openings” min. 14 ½”
  • C- “Body Width” max. 70”
  • D- “Rear Spoiler” ground to the top of the spoiler max. 39”
  • E- “Spoiler Height” max. Spoiler height 4”
  • F- “Track Width” max. 73 ½”
  • 10- Rear spoilers will not exceed the width of the stock OEM rear deck lid.
    11- Minimal ground clearance for frame and any body parts will be 4 ½”.
    12- Wheel openings must be rolled under. No sharp edged metal that could cut a tire or do any other damage to another car.
    13- All glass including mirrors must be removed. Lexan windshield recommended, but Wire or screen may be used with minimum of 2ea ½” tubing windshield bars welded to the Roll Cage. Rear windows (Lexan or Plexiglass) optional.

    14- Aftermarket pedal will be allowed.


    1- Roll cage must consist of continuous hoops not less than 1 ½” O.D. and must have a wall thickness of at least .083” (no splicing main loop). Must be frame mounted in at least six places. Low carbon mild steel, seamless tubing is recommended. Bracing outside of drivers compartment must be a minimum of .065” wall thickness. Roll cage in close proximity to door must be padded.
    2- Roll cage must have three left side door bars and two right side door bars. Door bars should be parallel to the ground and equally spaced. Left side door bars must be plated with a minimum of 1/8” plate. Must be plated from rear to front upright.
    3- Approved racing seat must attach to roll cage. Seat cannot be mounted to the floor pan. All seats that do not extend up above the drivers head and helmet will be required to have a headrest installed. Aluminum type racing seats are recommended.
    4- A safety harness with a minimum strap width of 3” and a submarine strap is required.
    5- Seat belts must be mounted to the roll cage or the seat mounting bars with 3/8” bolts. It is mandatory belts be changed out after two racing seasons.
    6- Competition fuel cells will be installed and must be enclosed in steel containers.
    7- All fuel cells must be grounded.
    8- All fuel cells must be mounted on a fabricated cradle, which extends from frame rail to frame rail and must be secured with a minimum of two 1/8” X 2” straps around the fuel cell. Frame rail to frame rail nerf bar is required and must be constructed of 1 ½” O.D. tubing with a minimum wall thickness of .083”.
    9- Fuel cell must maintain a minimum ground clearance of 10”.
    10- No fuel lines allowed in the driver’s compartment.
    11- Working stock production brakes required on all four wheels.
    12- All electric fuel pumps MUST run oil pressure shut-off switches.
    13- All helmets must be a Snell 95 or better quality and are subject to regular inspection by the SSR Tech. Officials.
    14- Window nets are required. The Tech. Official must approve the type and mounting

    15- Two 360-degree drive shaft loops are required and should be mounted no further than 6” from the ends of the drive shaft. They must be constructed of ¼” X 2” material or better.
    17- Mounting method and location of additional weight MUST be approved by the SSR Tech. Officials and must have the car number on each piece of weight.
    18- Battery must be mounted outside the driver’s compartment in an approved location by the SSR Tech. Official.
    19- Battery must be secured by straps and in a sealed unit.
    20. All drivers must wear a Snell 95 rated or better helmet.


    1- No weight transferring devices or traction control of any kind allowed.
    2- Use of heavy metals or any hazardous chemicals or materials as defined by the E.P.A. will result in the car being impounded and turned over to the E.P.A. immediately. Car owner and/or driver will be held responsible.
    3- No electronic monitoring or computer devices capable of storing, transferring, or transmitting information. Only basic gauges (oil pres., water temp. tachometer, etc.) will be allowed.
    4- Any part with altered or missing part numbers will be considered suspicious and may or can be removed by the SSR Tech. Official for further inspection.
    5- No mirrors are allowed on the car with the exception of the left side spot mirror.
    6- NO RADIOS.

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