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Rules for the Mini Stock Class

General Information:

1- Anything not specified in this set of rules must be factory stock for the make, model, and year of the vehicle. All parts must be in original position from original manufacturer. All parts must be stock casting numbers.
2- Any type four cylinder, foreign, or domestic, two, or four door models built no later than 1990 maybe used. No sport cars (Porsche, Datsun 240Z, etc.). Radiator must be in front of engine for all classes. No rear engine cars allowed.
3- Cars to weight in at one pound per C.C. with driver (minimum weight of 2200lbs.) after the race. No burn-off.
4- A 25lb. weight break for any car out-fitted with mufflers. Cars with mufflers must be no louder than 110 decibels at 100 feet from the car. Sound will be measured while the car is on the track under competition conditions. Equivalent level at varying distances may be used.

Engine & Drive Train:

1- Engine must be stock for the make and model of vehicle, and in the original mounting position. All engines must be naturally aspirated only.
2- Any camshaft with a maximum lift of .510. Lift will be checked at zero lash (NO ROLLER CAMS).
3- Factory stock heads only. Porting and polishing allowed. A maximum of two valves and one spark plug per cylinder allowed along with aftermarket manifolds.
4- Must be stock block. Aftermarket pistons in stock configuration are allowed. No ultra light pistons, rods, or crankshaft. No modifications to revolving assemblies. No aftermarket, or lightened crankshafts or rods.
5- Stock Ignition systems only. May run PERTRONIX IGNITER II module with stock-type distributor with FLAME THROWER 0.6ohm Coil
6- Headers are optional.
7- Any spacer plus gaskets may be used. The only approved carburetor is the Holley Model #4412. It must be unmodified with the exception of removing the choke plate and shaft. Modifications to the fuel metering system will not be allowed. All carburetors are subject to inspection by the Tech. Officials using standard nominal gauges to assure no modifications have been performed or unauthorized parts have been used.
8- All Carburetors are subject to a claimer. Any driver finishing in the top five positions in the feature race of that event can within ten minutes (race Director to keep a record of the time the race is over) of the end of the feature race claim the carburetor of any car that also finished in the top five of said race. The cost of the carburetor claim will be set at $375.00.
9- All cars must have a properly working starter.10- All four wheels on the car must be in proper working order.

Transmission & Clutch:

1- All transmissions must be in stock OEM position.
2- All transmissions must have all forward and reverse gears in proper working order.
3- Automatic transmissions allowed, with Tranny Blaket or Tranny Plate must be used.
4- Only stock clutches allowed. No modifying, and no aftermarket, or high performance clutches allowed.
5- Scatter shields are required with a minimum hole of 4”X3” to check the clutch. No Hole = Disqualification.

6- CAST STEEL flywheels only. No Billet or Aluminum allowed.

Rear Ends:

1- OEM type rear ends only. May exchange between manufactures. Must maintain stock appearance in mounting. Rear ends may be locked.


1- Racing fuel, or pump gas only. No alcohol, or nitrous ($500.00 fine).

Suspension & Frame:

1- Stock suspension and steering in stock location only. May use in-line multiplier on steering shaft.
2- Any aftermarket springs and/or shocks mounted in the stock location are allowed. Also allowed is the use of after market struts, weight jacks, adjustable spring spacers, and adjustable front sway bars.
3- Upper and lower control arms may be modified or altered in length to achieve positive or negative camber (modification must be approved by the track Tech.Official)Caster/Camber Plates allowed. NO tubular K-Members or control arms allowed.

Wheels & Tires:

1- The spec. tire for the class will be the Hoosier F-60 8.0 X 23.0 X 13 TEAM USA with a min. durometer reading of 60.2- Any aftermarket 13” wheels are allowed with a max. Width of 8”.

2.American Racer 22.5/8.0 13S and 22.5/8.0 13SH.

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