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Congratulations to all the 2014 Champions this year!!!

Top 3 in each class for 2014 are listed below

*Legends Pro/Masters

1. Hunter Lewis 2. Connelly Dubuisson 3. Joseph McArdle

*Legends Semi/Pro Young Lions

1. Connor Okrzesik 2. Robbie Johnson 3. Ramsey Whittington

*Pro Challenge

1. Connor Okrzesik 2. Andrue Nolen 3. Dave Nolen

*Bando's Bandits

1. Josie McArdle 2. Cody Woods 3. Caleb Sanford

*Bando's Outlaws

1. Collin Sablich 2. Gabie Dubeua 3. Zoey Barker

*Jr 1

1. Aaron Thompkins 2. Landon Adams 3. Garrett Little

*Senior Pro Clone

1. Tatum Wilson 2. Lakelyn Parker 3. Mickey Hoodless

*Mini Stocks

1. Daniel Martin 2. Darryl Blain 3. Dale Johnson


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Current news from Sunny South Raceway

* There will be no Heat races this year, Feature Races will be extended to allow for more fun!! All classes will run transponders. Qualifying will be 3 laps. Inverting of the field will be determined by the roll of the Dice. Check Announcement page for updates

* Track's phone number (251) 865-9055

* Joe McArdle 251-379-6548 / 251 639-9376



*We have added a For Sale page to the site. Click link for details. FOR SALE

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